Anxiety And Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Oh My!

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Curtis Gorlich

Last Updated Dec 27, 2019

Husband, Father of Two, Kitchen & Bathroom Contractor.

Imagine you are invited to an acquaintance’s house party. Typically one of two things happen; you are delighted since you are a social butterfly, or you are like me, deep down an introvert but talkative when required.

If you happen to be like me, the anxiety starts to build as you think of the uncomfortable small talk with a large group of strangers you haven’t met before. However, the friend that invited you said, “you have to see this stunning kitchen remodel in this house in Sea Pines, and they even hired a private chef!”

Being a contractor, I love seeing others work, and when this particular friend who is keenly aware of my inner introvert side says, “you have to see (fill in the blank), I trust this person as they have a sense of style like no other.

We arrive early before the main crowd gets there, where I am greeted to the inspiration for this blog post.

These cabinets were not the typical box store kitchen cabinets. These were hand made from wormy maple. That is maple that is milled from trees infested with worms that make tiny holes where that burrowed in the wood that looks stunning.

Long story short, this wasn’t your typical remodel, and I was glad I went to this party since the craftsmanship was on par with my own, which melted my social anxiety away. Lots of love, as well as time, went into this custom build. Not only was I impressed as a kitchen contractor and custom cabinet maker, but the other guests attending that party were just as dazzled.

I bet you can guess what the main topic of conversation was for nearly the entire party whenever a new person showed up.

I’ll end this blog post with two questions, does your kitchen get that same reaction when entertaining? If it doesn’t, would you like it too?

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